Community members hoping to touch up their bicycle riding skills now have a dedicated area to do so in Santa Monica.

The city’s new Bicycle Campus, which opened on Earth Day April 22, is a learning area where people of all ages and abilities can become confident about their riding skills.

The off-street facility, located south of Ocean Park Boulevard at Santa Monica State Beach, is the first permanent bicycle learning area in Santa Monica and the first of its kind in the greater Los Angeles area, city officials said.

The campus features a skills course where users can learn and practice bicycle riding, handling, and street riding skills with the aid of educational displays. The display boards are supported by a web-based bicycle education curriculum including videos of how to use the facility.

The Bicycle Campus can also be used as a resource for bicycle educators, schools and other groups that may provide bicycle education.

City transportation officials say the facility provides an opportunity for people to gain the confidence to ride safely on city streets, as well as familiarity with bicycle-friendly design features that are being deployed on city streets. The facility has generated support from educators, parents and activists, officials noted.