In an effort to help inform Santa Monica residents of a citywide ban on smoking in common areas of multi-unit residences, the City Attorney’s Office has unveiled a new Web page at to explain the new ordinance.

The law, which goes into effect Thursday, February 26th, was adopted in response to mounting evidence of the dangers of second-hand smoke and concerns of tenants who complain of suffering from the effects of neighbors’ second-hand smoke, city officials said.

The new law covers both condominiums and multi-unit rental properties.

The Web page contains printable forms that landlords, tenants, and condominium Homeowners Associations can use for posting signs and giving required notices.

Among the questions on the new law that are addressed on the Web page are, “where is smoking prohibited?” “how is the law enforced?” and “what are the penalties?”

The City Council voted February 10th to approve the concept for a “No Smoking” public education campaign to convey areas where people can and cannot smoke in the city and address a communications problem for businesses, residents and visitors. The campaign is intended to raise awareness of no smoking laws and influence voluntary compliance, city staff said.

For information on quitting smoking, (800) 662-8887 (800-NO-BUTTS), or