Motorists in Santa Monica will need to look for another parking spot once their time is up at most meters in downtown.

With the installation of new parking meter sensors in the city, they will no longer be able to add extra time or find an empty meter with time remaining on it.

The city began expanding the use of parking meter sensors May 14 that are part of the new credit card and phone-enabled parking meters installed over the past several months.

City officials say the sensors and meters provide significantly improved parking management tools as well as customer service enhancements in an effort to increase the access and availability of public parking.

Using sensor technology, the meters require all customers to pay for all of the time they park at the space by resetting the meter when a vehicle vacates the spot, encouraging the parking space to turn over, officials said.

The new system will prevent the same vehicle from parking beyond the posted time limit and will alert the customer when maximum time has exceeded, preventing further payment. Currently “feeding” the meter beyond the posted time limit is prohibited and subject to a $64 citation. Long term parking is available in city-owned parking lots and structures.

Under the new setup, customers who pay by phone can receive text messages when the meter is about to expire and can remotely add more time up to the posted time limit.

The meters will also be able to track users’ average length of stay, allowing the city to better manage parking space time limits and provide data to adjust time limits where needed to meet demand, officials said.