Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl joined seniors from the Israel Levin Senior Center in Venice and city officials from the Bureau of Street Services to celebrate the completion of new pedestrian-friendly curbs at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Rose Avenue.

The curbs are now handicap-compliant.

“I am thrilled to be able to provide new curbs at the intersection of Pacific and Rose,” Rosendahl said. “Our residents deserve to have safer streets and responsive city services.”

In December, while addressing the senior citizens of the Israel Levin Senior Center, Rosendahl learned that several seniors had been requesting handicap- accessible curbs for several years.

Rosendahl promised that day to provide new and improved pedestrian-friendly curbs within two months.

“On behalf of all seniors and disabled people using the intersection of Rose and Pacific in Venice, I would like to thank the councilman for his help in getting the curbs cut for handicapped pedestrians,” said Ruth Hoffman. “Councilman Rosendahl made a promise to have this done by February 2007 and kept his word.” Hoffman is a senior who lives in the neighborhood.

“When I became chair of the city’s Public Works Committee, I pledged to be ‘Mr. Public Works’ and focus on delivering and improving city services within the 11th District,” Rosendahl said. “This project not only makes our streets safer for seniors, but also the handicapped, bicyclists and parents with strollers and children.”

Information, www.councilman rosendahl.com/