St. Bernard Catholic High School has instituted a new academic program that is aimed at helping students attend the four-year college or university of their choice, according to new St. Bernard principal Denis Munoz.

The program, entitled Achieving Viking Excellence as Scholars, provides “academic support, academic monitoring and academic and emotional intelligence skill set development,” Munoz says.

Munoz introduced the program along with new St. Bernard vice principal Beth Polito.

The writing process, collaborative learning, Socratic questioning, critical thinking and emotional intelligence skill set development are the core components of the program, Munoz said.

Achieving Viking Excellence as Scholars was initiated with the St. Bernard Class of 2011.

Munoz said he is determined to ensure that once a St. Bernard graduate enters college, he or she remains in college and completes the four-year baccalaureate course of study with skills that ensure mastery of higher-level course content.

All St. Bernard faculty will be guaranteed professional development that supports the student’s learning process presented in the Viking Excellence program, which provides teachers with explicit strategies to aid them in disseminating the subject content, Munoz said.

The program supports St. Bernard High School’s Extended Schoolwide Learning Results by providing learning strategies with measurable assessment and evaluation, he said.

Students need to have organizational skills, time management skills, critical thinking skills and people skills if they are to be successful in post-secondary education today, Munoz said.

St. Bernard High School adopts and implements the Viking Excellence as Scholars program strategies and components in every subject area with every teacher.

The program supports every St. Bernard student to achieve his or her full academic potential, Munoz said.