parking options for Santa Monica employees

Employees working in downtown Santa Monica will now have access to discounted monthly off-peak parking in private structures under a new program introduced by the city and the Bayside District Corporation, which manages downtown.

The new program is designed specifically to provide affordable parking options for downtown employees that currently rely on the public parking structures, while making parking more available for shoppers, officials said.

The parking program includes seven private parking facilities in downtown Santa Monica that now offer discounted monthly off-peak parking at the rate of $30 (plus tax) per month. This parking is available on weekdays after 5 p.m. and all day on weekends.

Annette Colfax, Transportation Demand Program manager for the city, said the program supports the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) goal of making efficient use of valuable parking resources.

“Downtown employees will be able to park with peace of mind at economical rates, while shoppers will find more spaces available in public structures and on the street,” Colfax noted. “The partnership between private garages, Bayside District and the city made this possible without the need to construct additional parking spaces.”

Bayside District officials said the corporation recently formed a parking committee to focus attention on parking issues affecting the downtown area.

“We understand that parking for people who work in this area has been a daily concern and this private parking option is an immediate, affordable solution for downtown employees,” said Barbara Bryan, chair of the Bayside parking committee.

Members of the committee said they recognize that this program is just the first step to address the parking needs for downtown employees who do not have allocated parking spaces.

“It is one strategy to provide people who come to the area on a regular basis with a choice to park in close proximity to their workplace and meets a key objective outlined in the Walker Parking Study to maximize on underutilized spaces in private structures,” said Don Patterson, Business and Revenue Operations manager for the city.

Parking passes can be purchased directly from any of the participating private facilities. Space is limited and based on availability. A map identifying each of the structures is available online at