The Mar Vista Recreation Center, a very busy place on most days, saw an influx of visitors and Los Angeles city officials in July.

A groundbreaking ceremony for a Proposition O water project on July 23rd was preceded by the Wise Water Use Expo two days earlier.

The water bond project is the second such initiative in Mar Vista.

The water project will take urban runoff from an existing storm drain along Sawtelle Boulevard and divert it to a local cleaning process and detention tank under the existing Mar Vista Recreation Center tennis court and parking lot on the east side of the park.

City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, flanked by a variety of city employees, said that this was the continuation of a series of water conservation projects in his district that will lead to improved water quality.

“This is a great day,” he told the assembled audience, which included children who were attending the Mar Vista Sports Camp. “We are moving forward with these great Prop O projects and we are not only cleaning our water, but we will also be reusing the water for irrigation in Mar Vista.”

The clean water will be used for irrigation at the park or will be directed back to the storm drain system that flows to the ocean.

Last month, another Prop O initiative, the Grand Boulevard Tree Wells Project, was completed in Venice.

“I am glad that Mar Vista was selected for this stormwater clean up project and I hope that more project sites in and around Mar Vista will be selected if this pilot proves successful,” said Christopher McKinnon, a Mar Vista resident.

McKinnon also had questions that he felt should be considered with the water project.

“I would also like to know the energy costs that will be incurred for pumps and other machinery, and if solar power could be utilized for this and the new lighting for the tennis courts,” he said.

Prop O is a voter-approved bond measure that authorized $500 million in general obligation bonds to be used by Los Angeles for water quality improvement projects. Nearly 70 percent of the electorate voted for the water bond initiative in 2004.