Hope Chapel Del Rey in Westchester has created a new drug addiction support group called “One Step Recovery.”

The group meets every Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at Hope Chapel Del Rey, 6258 Manchester Ave., near Sepulveda Boulevard, in Westchester. The next orientation meeting is scheduled Thursday, January 31st.

Unlike 12-step recovery programs, One Step Recovery emphasizes “a relationship with God in Christ,” according to Hope Chapel.

“There is an ongoing need for effective solutions to the drug problems we face in our community,” said recovery leader Marlene Mounce, a trained drug counselor. “We believe that our relationship with God is the beginning, the middle and the end in all recovery. The One Step Recovery meeting is a learning group for people with alcohol and drug problems.”

One Step Recovery offers free continuing care for those who have identified themselves as having an alcohol or drug problem.

Plans are also under way to conduct local outreach in the area of prevention and increase community awareness of local treatment options. The group Web site is www.onesteprecov ery.org/.

Information, Marlene Mounce, (310) 703-3083 or hope recovery@sbcglobal.net.