Santa Monica has two pilot programs this summer, one involving public restrooms downtown and the other concerning parking for the Sunday Main Street Farmers Market. The programs started July 1st.

RESTROOMS — “Premier Promenade Restrooms” are being operated in the Downtown/Third Street Promenade in Parking Structures 3 and 4 through Saturday, September 9th, and will be attended from 9 a.m. to midnight. The attendants’ duties will be to keep the restrooms clean, inviting and accessible for visitors.

The restrooms in Parking Structure 3, on the west side of Fourth Street between Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Avenue, will be for men only, while those in Parking Structure 4, on the east side of Second Street between Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Avenue are for women only.

Also, the city is scheduled to begin construction early next year on a new and expanded central restroom in Parking Structure 4.

MARKET PARKING — To ease traffic and parking congestion around the Sunday Farmers Market, at Ocean Park Boulevard and Main Street, shoppers are being encouraged to park at remote lots, such as one at 2600 Barnard Way. Those who leave this lot by 1:30 p.m. will get a rebate on their parking fee.

Free parking will be available at John Muir Elementary School, 2526 Sixth St., and the Santa Monica Alternative School House at the intersection of Fourth Street and Ocean Park Boulevard.

Additional bike racks are also being installed.

Feedback from the community on both pilot programs will count in decisions to extend or discontinue the programs beyond summer.

Surveys will be provided by restroom attendants and at the Farmers Market.

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