New alternatives to linking the Route 90 Marina Freeway access expressway across Lincoln Boulevard and to Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey area are being considered by county officials.

Such a route has been contemplated since the 1980s when then-Supervisor Deane Dana promoted a linkage over Lincoln Boulevard through the parcel near the present Budget Rent-a-Car facility. Because the parcel was owned by Jack Carlton, the proposal became known as “The Carlton Cut-through.”

Wednesday, September 7th, Barry Kurtz, Sr., Los Angeles County Department of Public Works traffic engineer, told members of the Westchester/-LAX- Marina del Rey Chamber Harbor Committee that three alternatives are presently being studied for the Route 90-Admiralty Way linkage.

An earlier proposal had the road continuing across Lincoln Boulevard and the Budget Rent-a-Car parcel and entering Admiralty Way in a T-junction near the Lloyd Taber-Marina del Rey Library.

One new proposal would have the road crossing through the present Marina del Rey Toyota property and linking with Bali Way.

A third proposal would also cross over the present Marina del Rey Toyota property and link with Admiralty Way between the library and Bali Way.

Kurtz said advantages to the new, third plan would be that it would not touch the existing bicycle path near the library and not interfere with the Budget Rent-a-Car parcel.

Such a crossing would be a grade-level, rather than an overpass over Lincoln Boulevard, Kurtz said, but would eliminate the present Marina del Rey Professional Building that now exists at Admiralty and Bali Ways.

Kurtz said the present lease period for that parcel is nearing termination, which would allow the county to assume the parcel.

In such a plan, Kurtz said the county might consider closing Bali Way between Lincoln Boulevard and Admiralty Way.

The county is expected to offer a Notice of Preparation early next month on the road proposals and there would be public hearings concerning the notice, Kurtz said.

An environmental impact report and environmental impact statement would be completed for the proposals by 2007, said Dominic Osmena, County Department of Public Works project manager for the Admiralty Way-Route 90 linkage proposal.

ADMIRALTY WAY PLANS — Kurtz also discussed various proposals for widening Admiralty Way.

One proposal would include five lanes — three in one direction and two in the other direction. That plan would include no widening of Admiralty Way.

A second proposal is called a “Five/Six-Lane Alternative” because it would reconfigure Admiralty Way, creating a sixth lane added to the northwest (toward the ocean) direction.

Kurtz said a major reconfiguration of the Via Marina-Admiralty Way intersection is planned.

That proposal is being stimulated in part by a request from the Marriott Corporation to build a Marriott Residence Inn on the parking lot facing Mothers Beach, across Admiralty Way from the Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel.

The Marriott Residence Inn proposal will be presented to the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board when it meets this week at 2 p.m. Thursday, September 8th, in the Burton Chace