Open Neighborhoods, a local neighborhood social networking service, has selected SolarCity, a leader in solar power system design, financing and installation, for a new program designed to increase clean energy production and public broadband access in Mar Vista.

“With the year-round sunshine we receive, and roughly half the cost of rooftop solar panels subsidized by state and federal incentives and tax rebates, it became clear to us that we can certainly reach 100 percent clean electricity by 2018 in Mar Vista,” said Open Neighborhoods co-founder James Brennan.

SolarCity is extending a discount and affordable financing options on residential and commercial solar systems to Mar Vista residents and businesses that participate in the GoSolar Mar Vista community program. In addition, SolarCity will work with Open Neighborhoods to provide free rooftop wireless Internet (Wi-fi) antennas linking participants with public broadband access via the new Open Mar Vista community Wi-fi network.

Open Neighborhoods was founded last year to connect and inform local communities with neighborhood social networking services, neighborhood wireless and community solar purchasing programs.

Participants who choose free installation through SolarCity’s SolarLease option, which can allow customers to pay less for solar power each month than they previously paid for electricity from their power company, are eligible to receive three months of free solar by signing up through GoSolar Mar Vista, an Open Neighborhoods spokesman said.

“As an advocate for clean energy, I am proud to see that this unprecedented partnership between the Mar Vista community and local government has brought affordable and accessible solar power to the community,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

The purchase program begins Saturday, July 25th, and participants can pre-register by signing up at

To be eligible for the program, residents and businesses must register before Sunday, October 25th.

Information about the program,