After a decade of weekly shows near the Venice Sign, Venice Underground Comedy has relocated to Killer Yacht Club at Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey. Photo credit: Courtesy of Killer Shrimp

Venice Underground Comedy moves to the Marina

By Kamala Kirk

After a decade of performing weekly shows at Townhouse Venice just steps from the Venice sign, Venice Underground Comedy recently moved to Killer Yacht Club at Killer Shrimp in the Marina.

“Venice Underground is one of the longest-running entertainment acts on the Westside, so we are excited to be part of the longtime local tradition,” said Kevin Michaels, CEO of Killer Shrimp. “We have admired the show over the last 10 years.”

For the past 10 years, Venice Underground Comedy has remained one of the hottest stand-up shows in Southern California. Hosted by Bronston Jones and Matt Devlin, it has featured some of the biggest stars in stand-up including Bill Burr, Tiffany Haddish, Theo Von and Reggie Watts. Venice Underground Comedy has also won The Argonaut’s “Best of the Westside Comedy Show” multiple times over the years.

“Few things in life are more stressful than moving,” said show producer and host Bronston Jones. “Fortunately, jokes don’t weigh much. Then again, we tackled some pretty heavy material over the years – especially during the last administration. When Matt and I founded Venice Underground in 2011, we wanted to honor the raw, real and honest nature of Venice by bringing in honest comedians who make light of heavy subjects. I think we’ve done pretty well.”

“We’ve got 440 shows under our belt, so we’ve introduced literally thousands of comedians,” added show producer Matt Devlin. “Venice loved most of them. Most Venetians can be a tough crowd. It wasn’t always easy, but it was always real and fun.”

On Jan. 12, Venice Underground Comedy hosted its opening show at Killer Shrimp. Shows will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online.

“Venice Underground is special to us, we love that our little show became part of the cultural fabric of Venice Beach,” Jones said. “I’m excited about moving to Killer Yacht Club. The room is gorgeous with a similar speakeasy vibe that we loved at Townhouse. Plus, Killer Shrimp has amazing food, and get this, parking. There are boatloads and boatloads of parking spaces, um, by the boats.”

Venice Underground Comedy
4211 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey