In an effort to get youngsters interested in aviation, Los Angeles World Airports — the City of Los Angeles agency that operates Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and three other city airports — has launched an interactive children’s Web site.

The new Web site features age-appropriate games designed to teach youngsters about aviation and how an airport works.

For younger children, ages six to nine, the site includes crossword puzzles, mazes and word searches.

Older children, ages ten to 13, can use the site to explore the airport through a scavenger hunt or learn about various climates through a game called “what to pack.”

“This site gives young people a fun way to learn about aviation, planes and travel in general,” said Barbara Yamamoto, LAX community relations director.

“Flying can be a real learning experience for children, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to learn a little about aviation on their computers at home or even Mom and Dad’s laptop in the terminal while they wait for a flight.”

The games and puzzles on the site were created by the staff of the LAX Community Relations and Information Technology divisions, including Tazien Fatma, a Santa Monica College student who is part of the LAWA Gateways Internship Program.

The Web site is — click on “About LAWA” and “Kid Web site.”