The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu have announced the launch of a new Web site providing information on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) construction projects.

The Web site, www.PCHPart, was launched Friday, April 25th, to serve as the primary source of public information about pending construction projects planned on PCH.

The projects were scheduled to begin in the spring with the estimated completion in 2011. The projects will take place at different locations along an 11-mile corridor of PCH between the McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica and Cross Creek Road in Malibu.

Among the listed PCH construction projects in the local area, their start date and their anticipated date of completion are:

— City of Santa Monica Annenberg Community Beach Club, June 2007 to Spring 2009;

— City of Santa Monica Palisades Bluffs Improvement Project, October 2008 to summer 2009;

— City of Santa Monica California Incline Rehabilitation Project, July 2009 to summer 2010; and

— City of Santa Monica Pier Bridge Rehabilitation, October 2009 to fall 2010.

“With this multi-agency effort, involving the state, three municipal agencies and elected offices, the public in Los Angeles, Malibu and Santa Monica, we all get a big win,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl. “Collaboration between state and local governments for improved communi- cation on construction projects that impact residents and commuters are central to reducing delays and the difficult process of construction.”

Santa Monica city engineer Tony Antich added, “I am pleased these agencies are coordinating planned construction on or adjacent to Pacific Coast Highway.

“The spirit of cooperation is impressive and the public will benefit from this effort.”

PCH Partners was formed as a multi-agency government response to address public concerns about the numerous infrastructure and water quality projects that had been planned and scheduled along PCH.

With PCH serving as the main transportation corridor for the Westside beach communities, the principle concern about the resulting traffic impacts called for communication between the agencies managing the projects, according to PCH Partners.

The partnership will share information as well as develop well-defined traffic management plans and post regular project updates on the Web site, the group said.

The goal of the partnership is to mitigate traffic congestion as much as possible through the coordination and communication of construction activities.

“The investment in our collaborative effort will result in a greater awareness for the construction activities that will allow the public to better manage the impacts of the construction work on their commute,” City of Los Angeles city engineer Gary Lee Moore said. “Our commitment is to share our project information early and provide the lines of communication for the public benefit.”

The Web site will provide and update the public with background information, news, maps and construction schedules. Contact information for each of the projects will be provided for each of the respective oversight agencies to keep the public and commuters informed about status of construction, lane closures and detours.

Information, www.PCHPartners .org/, or (866) 755-7679.