Jennifer Cohen, former volunteer program manager for the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, has been named director of volunteer services/Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for WISE & Healthy Aging in Santa Monica.

In her new position, Cohen will be responsible for recruiting, training and placing volunteers both within WISE & Healthy Aging programs and in more than 50 volunteer stations throughout the West Los Angeles area through the federal RSVP. Among them are volunteer stations at the Israel Levin Senior Center, the Broad Theater, Emeritus College and many businesses and other nonprofit organizations. A total of 870 volunteers serve the Westside area through RSVP.

“Jennifer brings a wealth of experience managing volunteer

programs to WISE & Healthy Aging,” said Grace Cheng Braun, president and CEO of WISE. “We look forward to working with her to enhance volunteer opportunities throughout both WISE & Healthy Aging and in

the Santa Monica-Westside communities.”

Cohen noted that volunteers in the two programs range from 55 to 92 years old, and the activities they are involved in vary with the organization they are assigned to. At the Israel Levin Center, for example, many volunteers teach, while at the Broad Theater volunteers sell tickets, seat theatergoers and staff booths.

“WISE & Healthy Aging is known for its innovative programs. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with senior volunteers and match them with organizations that can really benefit from their fantastic collection of skills and talents,” said Cohen.

“Organizations are lucky that there is an outstanding group of early retired that have worked all their lives in businesses. They are now supplying the results of all that experience to the larger community.”

A Marina del Rey resident, Cohen previously served as manager of community development for the American Cancer Society in Sherman Oaks and as volunteer coordinator for the X Prize Foundation in Hollywood.

Information, (310) 394-9871.