Officer’s Bullet Kills Dog, Strikes Bicyclist

A woman riding her bicycle along the Venice Boardwalk became the unintended target of a police shooting last Friday after an LAPD officer shot and killed a dog that was attacking him.

Just before 3:30 p.m., officers patrolling the beach on horseback stopped a group of people near Rose Avenue, and one of them began confronting the officers, LAPD officer Irma Mota said.

“When the officer moved to place the individual in handcuffs, a dog that was in the group jumped forward and bit the officer,” Mota said. “The bullet
went through the dog and hit a passerby who was riding a bicycle.”

Mota said the woman suffered a single gunshot wound to the lower leg and was transported to a local hospital.

The dog died at the scene.

Mota said she was unaware if the officer who shot the dog is still on active duty or on administrative leave.

— Gary Walker

Venice Chamber Seeks Funds to Restore Vietnam POW/MIA Mural

The Venice Chamber of Commerce is trying to raise $45,000 by Veterans Day to help restore the desecrated Vietnam POW/MIA mural at Pacific Avenue and Sunset Court.

Just before Memorial Day weekend, taggers spray-painted over dozens of names listed on the long-neglected wall, painted 24 years ago by a homeless veteran. Two suspects have been arrested and face felony vandalism charges.

Venice’s Chamber in Action Committee has so far raised about $30,000, including $10,000 from the Southern California Gas Co., said committee leader Kelly Layne. Donors of $100 or more are invited to a special Veterans Day dinner at Venice Beach Suites & Hotel on Nov. 11.

Volunteers who worked to remove the graffiti also damaged its original paint, complicating the restoration process. Local mural restoration group Social Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) initially proposed a significant redesign but has new plans to stay more faithful to the original, Layne said.

For more information, call (310) 822-5425 or visit

— Stephany Yang

Ryavec to Challenge Bonin for Council Seat

L.A. City Hall critic Marc Ryavec is running for office

L.A. City Hall critic Marc Ryavec is running for office

As soon as one election season ends, another begins.

Venice Stakeholders Association President Mark Ryavec, a vocal critic of city homelessness policy and Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin, has announced that he will challenge Bonin for his Westside council seat in the spring 2017 election.

“I look forward to setting a new course at City Hall that focuses on the priorities of residents,” Ryavec said in a statement issued last Friday.

Formerly a chief deputy assessor for Los Angeles County, Ryavec and his association have sued the city for not cracking down on Venice Boardwalk homeless encampments by enforcing local beach and parks curfews.

Ryavec, who frequently clashes with traditional advocates for the homeless, also pledged to limit individual campaign contributions to $250 and, if elected, donate one third of his council salary to nonprofits that serve the homeless.

— Joe Piasecki