Compiled by Gary Walker

Parent’s Death Rocks Campus

John Adams Middle School dad dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound outside the school

Less than a week after the public suicide of a parent at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica, the school community is still grappling with the aftermath and how to help his 12-year-old son.

Daniel Callahan, whom friends described as a popular parent frequently engaged with school activities, shot himself outside the school on June 23, a day after the campus hosted a summer camp.

“This tragic event happened outside of campus fencing on a Saturday and was an isolated incident,” said Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District spokeswoman Gail Pinsker.

Little else is known about the circumstances surrounding Callahan’s death.

As of June 27, more than 200 people had pledged $11,000 on a Facebook page raising funds for Callahan’s son. Callahan’s personal Facebook page contains recent public posts expressing love for his son and sadness at the recent passing of his father and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Social media posts described him as a dedicated parent and youth baseball coach.

“Our hearts are heavy. Dan was one of the most devoted fathers I’ve ever met,” wrote John Adams Middle School Parent Teacher Association Executive Vice President Molly White.

Pinsker said parents should not be alarmed that there was a firearm near, though not on, the campus.

“Safety is a top priority, and the [school] board and district work with local agencies and continuously review to improve,” she wrote in email.

Road Diet Blowback Runs Out of Steam

City Clerk’s office says Bonin recall effort is dead


A campaign to recall Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin from office appears to have fizzled, since proponents of the recall effort have apparently never sought to reactivate the campaign after its initial stumble out of the gate.

The Committee to Support the Recall of Mike Bonin failed to provide sufficient documentation to the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office in November in order to properly initiate the recall — namely failing to sign an affidavit that facts contained in their official Statement of Reasons to recall him were true.

“The lead proponent was notified and advised that the process would need to begin again in November. Once that the deadline had passed they were advised that they were required to begin the process all over again. And that wasn’t done,” explained Thomas Reindel, an administrator with the City Clerk’s Elections Division. “There was no further contact with our office with regard to restarting the process.”

City documents now label the final status of the recall campaign as “requirement missed, process terminated.”

Political activist Alexis Edelstein, who did not return calls, led residents and business owners in Mar Vista to launch a recall campaign after Bonin refused to back down on the controversial reconfiguration of Venice Boulevard, which swapped a traffic lane in each direction for new protected bike lanes.

Edelstein said in a previous story that he would debate Bonin on the lane changes “anytime, anywhere,” and the Recall Bonin committee’s Facebook page remains active.

Reindel also said there was nothing preventing the committee from considering a recall campaign again, but they’d be required to go back to the starting line.

“There’s nothing that would preclude them from restarting the process. It never really started and never got to signature-collection stage,” he said.