Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, The Argonaut will be distributed a day early — Wednesday instead of the regular Thursday.

Our paper will carry the usual Thursday date.

Because of the early printing, advertising and news deadlines will be advanced one day earlier than usual.

However, our offices will be closed both Thursday and Friday, November 24th, and 25th, so our staff can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.

Advertising deadlines for next week’s issue are:

— Classified line ads, 4 p.m. Monday, November 21st. The Argonaut will not be able to accept any line ads after that deadline for next week’s paper.

— Classified display ads, 10 a.m. Monday, November 21st;

— Real estate open house directory listings, noon Monday, November 21st;

— What’s On ads, noon Thursday, November 17th; and

— All other ads, noon Friday, November 18th.

Our news department will put together next week’s paper a day earlier than usual so if you have items for our Calendar section, letters to the editor or news items you wish to have run next week, be sure your submissions are submitted a day earlier than usual.

Information, (310) 822-1629.

OUR ANNIVERSARY — The Argonaut will also celebrate another year of publishing next week.

Our first issue appeared Thursday, November 25th, 1971.

We had eight pages — a considerable difference from the 80 pages we are printing this week.

A replica of the first page of our first issue is featured at the right.

In those early days, we had no office, no staff and lots of optimism.

It was after our first issue that a photographer from New York City named Greg Wenger called us up and offered to submit photos for publishing in our paper.

We agreed to meet at a Marina coffee shop that is now Edie’s Diner and began a wonderful relationship.

It is hard to imagine 34 years of The Argonaut without Greg Wenger’s input.

Soon after we published our first issue, we got another phone call from a fellow named George Drury Smith, who was running a small print shop on what was then West Washington Boulevard and is now Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

But more important for our paper, George also began a series of jobs with the paper that have continued to this date.

George was one of our first typesetters and proof readers.

His wonderful printing experience helped us determine such issues as fonts, leading and line length — all issues that our readers probably don’t think much about but which have a real impact in making our paper look more professional and easier to read.

George was always a few steps ahead of us when it came to technology and early on determined he could do a lot of his proofing at home in Hollywood.

For the past few weeks, he has been in Leiden, The Netherlands, visiting a friend who has taken a position with the University of Leiden.

Rather than miss any of his proofing duties at The Argonaut, George set up his laptop and has been correcting all of our errors in Holland.

There have been some rather unusual benefits to this arrangement. We set type on this side of the pond while George sleeps “over there” and then while we are sleeping “over here,” George is correcting our errors.

When we all wake up here at The Argonaut, George’s proofing has been completed.

No, we are not ready to “outplace” our staff to India or Asia, but at least for the moment our arrangement with George in Leiden seems to work.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU — We have always liked the idea that our newspaper anniversary falls on Thanksgiving week because we can use the occasion to thank all of you who have helped us grow from eight to 80 pages during the past 34 years.

Obviously, we must first thank our wonderful advertisers who make it possible to put out a paper every week.

Those of us in the news department — and your publisher still considers himself “a news guy” rather than “an ad person” — like to think everyone reads The Argonaut for our newsy items every week. Fact is, many folks pick up the paper for the ads.

We recall the first time we saw a fellow rush to a stand for a just-distributed issue of our paper.

But rather than read the paper from the front page forward, this fellow started reading the paper from the back forward. He was mostly interested in the ads.

He had settled into the paper and was enjoying a cup of coffee.

When he finished the classified and real estate ads, he moved to the crossword puzzle.

We didn’t stick around to see if he ever did get to the news part of our paper.

It reminded us of the moment we first met our uncle’s attorney, a downtown California Club sort of guy who lived in Marina City Club and drove a very expensive Mercedes-Benz.

When our uncle introduced us as being the editor and publisher of The Argonaut, the very prosperous attorney told us:

“Oh, yes, I know The Argo-naut well. I pick it up every week for the car wash coupon.”

Folks read The Argonaut for different reasons and we’re happy for every one of those readers.

We’re also thankful for those of you who take the time and interest to participate in your local communities, who join service clubs and now Neighborhood Councils and who write us letters to the editor about things you care about.

One needs only to read our weekly Community Calendar to know how active our various neighborhoods are.

Or peruse our weekly What’s On section to see how many art galleries, live music and theater venues and family events such as carnivals we have here and how active we all are.

On this, another anniversary, we say “thank you” to each of you.