The Ocean Charter School in Mar Vista unveiled the first phase of a beautification project on its North Campus Friday, November 21st. The school shares space with Walgrove Elementary School, 13151 Appleton Way, Mar Vista.

The beautification project was made possible through an award from the Venice Neighborhood Council, school representatives said.

During the two-day project, Ocean Charter stakeholders and volunteers removed asphalt from the playground and planted six large tipu trees to provide beauty and shade for the children. The project involved planting 22 flower vines along the fence that stretches along the Appleton Way perimeter of the school, and building five large planter boxes filled with bamboo to camouflage a large wall of electrical switch gear.

The school recognized the efforts of the Venice Neighborhood Council at the November 21st event with a banner created by Ocean Charter eighth-grade students. A letter of gratitude was also presented from school administrators, including Karen Bernstein, director of Administration, Stephanie Edwards, director of education and assistant principal Kristy McFett.

Ocean Charter students in grades four through eight attended the event, where the fourth-grade class, led by Daisy Simons, performed a song inspired by nature.

Ocean Charter School is a community of families and educators using innovative teaching methods to nurture and educate children in a multicultural urban environment. The school is committed to achieving academic excellence through experiential learning, enhancing the growth of curiosity and imagination through the rigorous practice of an arts integrated curriculum, school officials said.

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