Santa Monica police officer Walter Ramirez, who was shot in the line of duty two years ago, has been awarded the Line of Duty Medal by the Santa Monica Police Department.

Ramirez received the medal during a ceremony in the Santa Monica City Hall council chambers Wednesday, February 6th.

Ramirez was working as an undercover officer February 2nd, 2006, when he and his partner were patrolling the Pico Neighborhood and received a call regarding a suspicious vehicle near Cloverfield and Olympic Boulevards.

The two undercover officers located the vehicle and followed it to the 1900 block of 17th Street. As the officers drove past the vehicle, a suspect fired several shots toward their vehicle and one of the bullets struck Ramirez in the wrist.

The officers were able to drive away and called for assistance. Two suspects were arrested in the shooting.

Ramirez was the first Santa Monica police officer to be injured in the line of duty since July 2000, when three officers were shot at in an incident on the Santa Monica Pier.

In awarding Ramirez with the Line of Duty Medal, Santa Monica Police Chief Tim Jackman said the officer’s quick actions during the incident exemplified the high standards of the police department.

At the February 6th ceremony, three Santa Monica police officers were also promoted. Sgt. Doug Theus was promoted to lieutenant and officers Saul Rodriguez and Michael Federico were both promoted to sergeant.