Chela, a one-woman play based on the true-life story of playwright Dulce Maria Solis’ mother, will be presented next month at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Performances are scheduled at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6, 13 and 20 at the playhouse, 1211 Fourth St., Santa Monica.

Chela, by award-winning writer/performer Solis, tells a tragic and comedic tale of love, lunacy, domestic violence, and sexual taboos. As the oldest girl of 15 in a poor Mexican family, Chela rides and slaughters pigs for the family’s meals, rises to marble queen in street competitions, and chases boys away from her precocious sister.

According to Solis, this tumultuous but simplistic childhood ends when the mixed agendas of Chela’s mother and the men who surround her thrust her into a series of tragic events. Forced to immigrate illegally to the United States and tricked into a loveless marriage, Chela recounts her struggle to reclaim her sexuality and a life worth living.

Solis has performed at the Actor’s Alliance Festival at the Lyceum Space and won Outstanding Female Performance.

Due to the explicit nature of the program, no one under 18 will be admitted without a parent.

Tickets for Chela are $25 and can be purchased by calling (949) 338-0875