The California State Senate gave its stamp of approval Friday, September 4th on two bills authored by Sen. Jenny Oropeza that will set a new standard for dialysis training and help protect the state’s youngest residents from harmful air pollutants.

Senate Bill 112, which pertains to dialysis technician training, revises California’s hemodialysis technician training to comply with recently issued federal regulations. California’s certified hemodialysis technicians, which total more than 5,000, must be federally qualified under the new guidelines by April 10th, 2010.

Senate Bill 124 is a measure that references a California Air Resources Board regulation that will require bus drivers to turn off idling engines after arriving within 100 feet of a school and restart the engine no more than 30 seconds before departing.

Exemptions are allowed while idling in traffic, to ensure safe operating conditions of the bus or vehicle, operating equipment needed by persons with disabilities and climate control for children.

Both bills will go to the desk of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has until mid-October to sign, veto or allow them to become law without his signature.

“Basic, competent healthcare and clean air is not a partisan issue,” Oropeza said. “Rather, it is a moral one.”