The Way to Happiness Outdoors Club, a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to educating youths on common sense values and character building through outdoor activities, officially christened its restored boat The Way to Happiness at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey March 8th.

The Way to Happiness is a 26-foot cabin cruiser that was donated to the Outdoors Club. A team of volunteers restored the boat to its original splendor and Nancy Cartwright, veteran voice-over artist and honorary mayor of Northridge, carried out the christening.

Cartwright was awarded the status of ìhonorary captainî for the new motor yacht. A picnic lunch and free boat rides around the Marina were part of the christening festivities.

Cartwright co-founded another nonprofit organization, The Happy House Foundation, which works to educate youths and to build better families through character education and teaching common sense values in the community.

ìMaking the right choices in life is something that is very important and can mean the difference between success and failure,î said Bob Sullivan, executive director of the Outdoors Club.

Sullivan said the club took youngsters out on the newly christened boat, many who fit into the ìat riskî category, to teach them valuable lessons about how to safeguard and improve the environment.

ìItís important for children to understand the marine ecological system and why itís vital for things to remain in balance,î he said. ìThe kids get to experience being on a boat out on the ocean, see and learn about the sea lions, the birds and other living marine creatures.î

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