Board member Shane McLoud was commended and recognized for his four years of service to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) school board at its meeting Thursday evening, November 16th.

The meeting was the last for McLoud as school board member, as he was not reelected on November 7th.

McLoud came in fifth out of six candidates running for school board, with 10,358 votes (13.46 percent).

The board thanked McLoud for the support he has given to education and to helping the district grow.

In his honor, there will be a “Shane McLoud Collection” of several children’s books that will be provided to three elementary schools — Will Rogers Learning Community, Grant Elementary and Juan Cabrillo Elementary (in Malibu).

The schools were drawn from a pool of all the elementary schools in the district. McLoud drew the names from school superintendent Dianne Talarico’s hands at the meeting.

This will be a new tradition for the district as a way to honor school board members after their departure, Talarico said.

McLoud teared up during the ceremony.

“I want to say a personal thanks to you,” board vice president Kathy Wisnicki said. “Thank you for the perspective you have as a teacher and also keeping us mindful of ways to help teachers. I appreciate that unique perspective you have always brought to us and I know, in some way, you will continue to do that.”

The other board members lauded McLoud and thanked him for the “unique” perspective he provided the school board as the only teacher currently serving on the board.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you,” board president Julia Brownley said. “Thank you for your leadership and your perspective. You served us well.”

As a thank-you for his service, the board presented McLoud with a pen set bearing his name and the district logo.

“Wow,” McLoud said. “That’s fantastic.”

McLoud then expressed his thanks to the board, the superintendent and the public.

“Thank you to the public for allowing me to serve — for entrusting me,” he said. “It’s been a great opportunity. I can leave with a satisfied feeling that it’s been an honor.

“It was an honor to serve on the board and bring my classroom experience to the district. I can honestly walk away and feel the district will continue to be in good hands.”

McLoud said he learned a lot while serving as board member and he feels that he has contributed to improving the district.

He asked one thing of board members — “Just to keep the focus on the students.”

McLoud said he would walk away a little unsatisfied because there’s more work to be done, but that he will continue to be a teacher and active in the community.

Toward the end of the ceremony, McLoud said there was something he wanted to give to the district.

“I had some extra funds in my campaign that I certainly don’t need anymore,” he said.

McLoud then presented a check to Talarico from his campaign fund to go to the district’s equity fund for students who are most in need.

In addition to McLoud, Brownley will be leaving the school board. She did not run for reelection as board member, but ran for State Assembly in the 41st District and was elected.

Brownley has served the district for 12 years and will be recognized at the next board meeting.

Kelly McMahon Pye and Barry Snell will be joining the board as McLoud and Brownley exit.

McLoud said that he had full confidence in the new school board members.

“Kelly and Barry will bring new and valuable perspectives to the board and will serve the students and parents of Santa Monica and Malibu well,” he said.

Pye came in third with 15,048 votes (19.55 percent) and Snell came in fourth with 13,728 votes (17.83 percent) in the November 7th election.

Board member Emily Bloomfield, who came in first with 17,242 votes (22.4 percent), and Oscar de la Torre, who came in second with 15,095 votes (19.61 percent), were reelected to the board.