More than 450 Venice community stakeholders voted Sunday, September 16th, to elect 21 candidates to two-year terms on the Venice Neighborhood Council Board of Officers, according to final election results.

Twenty-seven candidates ran in the election for the seven officer and 14 community officer positions. The only positions in which candidates were running opposed were community outreach officer and community officer.

The top vote-getter was Linda Lucks, who was elected vice president with 348 votes, according to final results. Mike Newhouse was elected as president with 329 votes.

The top vote-getter among the candidates for community officer was 16-year-old Dexter O’Connell, who received 66 votes.

The 21 candidates elected and their vote tally, according to final results are:

ï president

Mike Newhouse, 329;

ï vice president

Linda Lucks, 348;

ï secretary

Joseph P. Murphy, 326;

ï treasurer

Edward Ferrier (write-in), 136;

ï community outreach

Marc Saltzberg, 177;

ï communications

Richard Myers, 311;

ï land use and planning

Challis Macpherson, 243;

ï community officer

Clarence Carter, 29;

Mark Castleman, 25;

Erica Harms, 8;

Michael Eschger, 12;

Dexter N. O’Connell, 66;

Ira Koslow, 33;

Emily Elliott, 17;

Nadine D. Parkos, 28;

James Birkelund, 10;

Aldis Browne, 30;

Carolyn Rios, 46;

Stewart Oscars, 42;

Nicholas J. Karno (write-in), 12; and

Stan Muhammad (write-in), 57.