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Homemade food with gourmet appeal

With the sun now blazing and summer finally arriving, eating food that is light but full of flavor and drinking refreshing cocktails or bubbles just sounds about right – until – you find yourself standing in front of a cute little restaurant front on Rose Avenue in Venice. At first glance you can’t help but be drawn to it: a patio at the entry with what I refer to as Edison light bulbs from back in the day strung above the raw wooden panels that extend out into benches, beautiful wooden stools, inviting decor, an understated sense of comfort,...

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Soup in summer? Why not!

Ekkamai is a Thai restaurant located in Mar Vista on Washington Boulevard. In the peak of the afternoon the restaurant was quiet with only four other patrons dining at the time. Upon entering, we sat down against the window and were greeted by a very soft spoken gentleman who asked if we’d like anything to drink. I began with a Thai iced coffee and water. I should preface this particular review with saying that Thai food is among my absolute favorites and my expectations are always high. Moments later, the Thai iced coffee and water arrived and I scanned...

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A fresh perspective on a Santa Monica staple

As Californians bid a fond farewell to my favorite indulgence, foie gras (no thanks to Sonoma Farms who had seven years to create more ethical practices), it seems befitting that I at least have one foie dish before it’s scarce. This week I went to a few restaurants and the standout was JiRaffe Restaurant in Santa Monica – known for its foie gras topped with a pistachio coating and a very community-based chef, Raphael Lunetta. When you enter off of Santa Monica Boulevard, you see an interior that has a very natural feel (and smell). When we first arrived...

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Not just any pizza joint

Picture driving down Washington Boulevard in Mar Vista. Now picture a bright red warehouse-like building with a white flame painted on the side of it that displays one phrase: Pitfire Artisan Pizza. It’s a building that begs your curiosity – welcome to a new kind of pizza. I walked in unsure of what to expect and well, it’s a cross between an upscale cafeteria setting and an urban, sustainable brick and mortar. The tables are all made of natural woods; aluminum accents the wood (or supernatural alloy – I still haven’t decided), and red – RED – painted walls....

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A local staple on the Boardwalk

Walking on the Boardwalk with the craving for a tasty brunch and nostalgia that Venice is still the happy haven for artists and skaters, I found myself at the Venice Ale House. Lured by the crowd of an eclectic group of diners, the smells wafting past me – my curiosity was peaked. Prepared by Chef Emilio Oliva (who can be seen wearing a contagious smile with an air of cool), the food here is a fusion of both Latin and comfort with a good amount of heart. It’s not where you go when you want upscale or quiet, but...

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