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Colors of Life

Orphaned by the Holocaust, painter Marianne R. Klein feeds her soul with the imagination that helped her survive By Kathy Leonardo Marianne R. Klein paints images that are full of life. In “Honeymoon,” a sunburst-yellow bride and blue-green groom embrace on a balcony overlooking a swirl of fall colors. In “Forest Fairy,” a translucent feminine figure is haloed by a golden moon that showers metallic flakes of magic onto her fingers and hair. In “Mikado,” three wispy blondes dance in a swirl of red, yellow and blue — a crimson-haired figure embracing them from behind like a mother would...

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Ripped from the Headlines

A painting inspired by The Argonaut makes its debut in Santa Monica It may be hard to recognize the beauty of newsprint in today’s digital world, but reading an article in The Argonaut inspired artist Charlie Patton to create something of his own out of paper and ink — a painting, now on view at restaurant and gallery space Upper West as part of a solo exhibition of his work. “I liked the color and the look of the letters,” explained Patton, whose eyes were drawn to an Argonaut article about local street artists. “But the [underlying] idea was...

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Here Comes the Sun

Jill-of-all-trades Eva Montealegre shows her work in Santa Monica By Kathy Leonardo Artist. Musician. Dancer. Crime novelist. Eva Montealegre is a modern-day renaissance woman, but it’s painting that really fires up her creativity. “Painting keeps me alive. When I paint I am renewed and lifted,” she says. “The Cosmic Experience,” a collection of Montealegre’s paintings from various exhibitions, goes on display Sunday at The Upper West restaurant in Santa Monica. One of them, titled “It’s Alright,’ is a painting of the sun that won first place in the opened theme exhibit for the California Women’s Caucus of Art. “That...

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Oyster Stew and Other Masterpieces

Among the most recognizable artworks of the 20th century, Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans series first appeared in 1962 as small paintings for sale in Los Angeles, then reappeared in the late 1960s as silk screen prints (which would become his signature medium). “When Warhol was getting all this attention as an arbiter of fine art, he created hand-pulled silk screens of those same soup cans in editions of 250,” says Bergamot Station Art Center gallerist Robert Berman, who just happens to have one on hand. On Sunday, Berman is auctioning off an original screen print of Warhol’s...

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A Celebration of Surrealism

Take a trip through the “Looking Glass” with gallerist Om Bleicher By Kathy Leonardo Inspiration finds its way into our ordinary thoughts on a daily basis. Santa Monica gallerist Om Bleicher believes he was subliminally inspired by the upcoming release of the new Tim Burton film “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” a riff on Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale in which adult Alice travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. The result is “Looking Glass,” a celebration of contemporary surrealism opening Saturday at bG Gallery. “I’m a big fan of the book and am looking forward to seeing...

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