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On the Water: See Life at Full Sail

Sunset Series brings the excitement of racing closer to shore By Paul M. J. Suchecki Every Wednesday evening in late spring and summer, Marina del Rey’s main channel offers a splendid sight: dozens of sailboats with jib and main sails flying wing on wing, like birds returning home at day’s end. This is the Sunset Series, now in its 52nd year, hosted by California Yacht Club. Most regattas end in the bay, so the excitement of the finish happens far out of view of landlubbers. Sunset Series races end at either the Cal Yacht Club guest dock or Burton...

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Water, Water Everywhere …

Desalination isn’t the simple drought solution it might appear to be By Paul M.J. Suchecki In the middle of an historic drought, one can’t help but notice there’s more water due west of Los Angeles than anyone could dream to drain. For the foreseeable future, however, we may be able to boat and swim to our hearts’ content, but we’ll hardly be able to drink a drop of it. Without the water imported from increasingly dry Northern California and the Colorado River, L.A.’s regional drinking water resources could only sustain a population of about 500,000 people, according to the...

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Guest Opinion: Where’s our flag?

The Stars and Stripes have disappeared from the marina breakwater but may return in 2015 By Paul M. J. Suchecki On recent sailing trips out of Marina del Rey harbor I’ve been looking in vain for a familiar sight that had become a welcome reference point for years: the American flag that once stood tall on the breakwater has been missing in action. Even if the flag had become frayed, I thought, that was no reason to remove it permanently. I was reminded of an old seafaring poem: “Ay, tear her tattered ensign down / Long has it waved...

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Just another ‘Holiday in Paradise’

 Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade brings nautical joie de vivre down to a neighborhood scale By Paul M. J. Suchecki Sunday marks the return of the annual Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade, a colorful and carefree grassroots event founded 33 years ago to help coalesce community spirit in a neighborhood like no other. Under the theme “Holiday in Paradise,” the parade kicks off at 4 p.m. at the intersection of Eastern and Carroll canals. “It’s my favorite event on the canals,” said Sandy Berens, the parade chairperson for the past 15 years. “It always attracts a crowd and has...

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Making room for the monarchs

How Venice residents turned a neighborhood eyesore into a way station for migrating butterflies Story and photos by Paul M. J. Suchecki    Now that the annual Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico is peaking, one of the best places to view this plucky but threatened species is Monarch Manor, a pocket park in Venice that used to be a rundown public lot. The bright orange butterflies are more than just a delight to the eye. Though not as efficient as bees, monarchs are also plant pollinators — and, unlike bees, travel great distances in doing so. Groups of monarch...

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