“We were not surprised that Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski’s consensus plan for LAX remodeling was unanimously approved, considering that the concession was negotiated at a political level, with no public input,” Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks told The Argonaut Tuesday, June 15th.

Parks presented his own plan (Parks E-1) at the joint Los Angeles Planning Commission and Board of Airport Commissioners, who approved Miscikowski’s consensus plan.

The consensus plan is intended to move forward on the necessary, positive aspects of Mayor Jim Hahn’s LAX master plan alternative D.

“The consensus plan was shepherded through the process, even though the LAX EIR is outdated and there are other issues,” Parks said.

“The unanimous approval by the joint commissions agreed to postpone the most objectionable parts of the LAX master plan, which means they still intend to go forward with it at a later date,” said Parks.

“We need to identify what is going to be built, and let the public know exactly what that is,” noted Parks.

“What about Al Llorens, a former airport commissioner?” Parks asked. “He disagreed publicly with Hahn’s LAX master plan FEIR (final environmental impact report], and the next thing you know, he’s off the commission, said Parks. “Llorens gave two years of his life, going out in the community, and doing what is expected of a commissioner.

“It seems obvious to me that any airport commissioner disagreeing with the plan will not be invited to the next meeting,” Parks suggested.