A landmark celebration of three decades of “genre-busting, splattervillian” performance art works by Stephen Holman and Tom Murrin will feature performances at 8 p.m. Saturdays, November 11th and 18th, at Track 16 Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica. Tickets are $10.

Holman and Murrin, considered progenitors in an irreverent performance art style that has been actively used on the East and West Coasts since the 1970s, will both perform new works. Holman’s new work is titled, “Tourism Without Tears: Cheese Propulsion, Christian Ventriloquism and Other Surrealist Tips on Avoiding International Disaster”; and Murrin’s two short pieces are called “Full Moon Salute” and “Thanksgiving Fling.”

Murrin (a.k.a. The Alien Comic) began performing with the group Para-Troupe in 1974 with Johanna Went and others. In 1975-1976, Murrin and Went traveled across the United States, Canada and Europe developing their brand of “trash theater.”

British-born Stephen Holman co-founded the Theatre Carnevale performance group in the 1980s and mixes highbrow and low-brow styles.

Information, (310) 264-4678.