Application forms have been e-mailed and posted on a Web site as plans advance for Del Rey Yacht Clubís proposed November powerboat trip from San Diego to Baja California.

To be called the ìFUBAR Odysseyî (Fleet Underway Baja Rally), ìthis first-ever powerboat rally from San Diego to La Paz, Mexico,î scheduled to begin Wednesday, November 7th, would provide support to powerboaters who wish to experience the thrill of long-distance cruising, and is designed to include a specified fleet of powerboats and their owners, individuals who are novices to boating, said Bruce Kessler, chair of the event and member of the Del Rey Yacht Club.

Kessler and fellow event originator Del Rey Yacht Club staff commodore Peter Patman are in liaison with Gabriel Huarta of the Mexican Board of Tourism, which is a full partner in the event and event sponsor coordinator.

Both the California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey and the San Diego Yacht Club have joined as partner clubs.

Basic requirements are for a powerboat to be able to travel 450 nautical miles at eight knots.

The entry fee is $500 (fee to be remitted with the boat application) and will be used to cover expenses, Kessler said.

Any profit from this event will benefit the Del Rey Yacht Club juniors in Marina del Rey through the Santa Monica Bay Sailing Foundation, Patman said.

This Del Rey Yacht Club event is open to members of other yacht clubs or any boat owner interested in participating, said Patman.

The California Yacht Club will join in the kickoff dinner Tuesday, October 30th, and will accompany the Del Rey Yacht Club and all yachts ready to head toward San Diego.

Over 200 people attended an overview seminar and dinner Tuesday, March 27th, at the Del Rey Yacht Club, to inform those interested about details of the trip,

Captains John and Pat Rains discussed routes, distances and cruising opportunities in Mexico.

Pat Rains described ìPorts of Interest,î with shopping excursions and dining at several stops along the way, and showed photos of the countryside.

Jim Leishman discussed fleet support operations, which include a fleet of powerboats with experienced skippers escorting the participants, and with key support people such as mechanics and doctors.

Dr. Jerry Kornfeld, fleet surgeon, is scheduled to be on board an escort vessel to supervise all medical issues and will conduct a medical seminar in San Diego.

Boat manufacturers and builders of major marine engines, electronics and equipment are also to be available.

Gary Graham of Mag Bay Outfitters spoke about fishing in and outside of Magdalena Bay, including the estuaries, and showed video.

Passports are required and Del Rey Yacht Club member Ita Gordon, who speaks fluent Spanish, will serve as the immigration liaison on immigration issues and ensure that boaters will have clearance in San Diego before departing on the trip.

Information on pets, guns, fishing and other items will also be provided to the boaters.

Approximately 16 days would be required for the trip, with safe routes preplanned and constant weather updates.

The schedule will be flexible, to accommodate days spent in port waiting for fair weather, and fueling facilities and dockage for shoreside activities will be pre-arranged.

If participants wish to take extra days for fishing or whale watching, of if they wish to leave the fleet at any time, that will be permissible, and parties will be planned at most stops, Kessler said.

Here is the itinerary:

ó departure from San Diego on Wednesday, November 7th, to Ensenada, 65 miles (6.5 hours at ten knots or 7.6 hours at 8.5 knots);

ó Ensenada to Turtle Bay, 282 miles (28.2 hours at ten knots or 33 hours at 8.5 knots);

ó Turtle Bay to Santa Maria, 228 miles (23 hours at ten knots or 27 hours at 8.5 knots);

ó Santa Maria to Man Oí War (Magdalena Bay), 30 miles (three hours at ten knots or 3.5 hours at 8.5 knots);

ó Man Oí War to Cabo San Jose, 185 miles (18.5 hours at ten knots or 22 hours at 8.5 knots;

ó Cabo San Jose to Muertos Bay, 75 miles (7.5 hours at ten knots or nine hours at 8.5 knots; and

ó Muertos Bay to La Paz, 52 miles (5.2 hours at ten knots or 6 hours at 8.5 knots).

This event is designed for boats wishing to continue cruising in Mexico, but for those that wish to return at the end of the season (May), information about return options will be provided.

Two yacht transport companies are both involved with the trip, and will be able to arrange transporting yachts on a vessel for those participants who choose not to travel back with their boats.

La Paz has an international airport, and guests of boaters wishing to meet them there can fly to La Paz, said Kessler.

Once the boaters reach La Paz, they will dock at Marina CostaBaja, where amenities include state-of-the-art pump-out system servicing at each slip; fuel docks, metered electricity, water hook-ups, Internet, satellite TV and telephone service; concierge services, a dive shop and sport fishing center and many other services, according to a representative from Marina CostaBaja.

Information, Kessler, at Del Rey Yacht Club, 13900 Palawan Way, Marina del Rey, www. fu; e-mail questions, and questions from sponsors to Peter Patman, pete@fubarody