The sailing season in Marina del Rey never really stops.

We sail right into the early winter and then begin the first week in January with a Del Rey Yacht Club (DRYC)-Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club (SMWYC) co-sponsored event, usually in nasty weather.

So, to say that the sailing season begins after Opening Days of the yacht clubs is not true.

This year, Del Rey Yacht Club ran its once-every-two-years Puerto Vallarta Race and we were treated to an extra event, which, as usual for DRYC, was spectacular.

With the addition of sponsorship by Corum, the event took on an even greater level of excitement.

The results have been placed in the history books.

However, Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club had just one more surprise for the team that sailed under the SMWYC burgee.

SMWYC vice commodore Harlan Homes — a racer before he became a flag officer — decided a night of recognition was in order for team Chicken Little, co-skippered by yacht club members Don Adams and Rick Palmer, which won a major trophy in the Puerto Vallarta race — the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) B Class First Place Trophy.

DRYC commodore Fred Rapp made the trophy presentation.

Wednesday, March 30th, saw the SMWYC dining room turn yellow in honor of the event and, after the trophy presentation, co-skipper Adams gave a brief synopsis of the race.

Vocally challenged co-skipper Palmer was able to make a few additions but the final seconds and minutes were described by Adams.

Bay Wolf “must give us three seconds a mile multiplied by 1,125 miles equals 56 minutes and a few seconds.

“After seven days 13 hours and minutes, Chicken Little corrected out to win over Bay Wolf by three minutes and ten seconds.”


SAN DIEGO RACE — And then came the kickoff for the 38th annual Marina del Rey to San Diego race.

The Marina del Rey to San Diego race was the invention of several commodores from Southwestern Yacht Club in San Diego and the Windjammers Yacht Club at a Southern California Yachting Association meeting in 1967.

The event is one of the oldest races up and down the coast and at one point had the participation of more than 350 boats.

Before the start of the annual race, the hundreds of participating boats were moored in a raft that extended from the east end of G Basin to the channel entrance.

Unfortunately, participation is nowhere near those earlier years, but the energy lives on in the heart of those who enjoy the race down to Southwestern Yacht Club in San Diego.

That club is known for its wonderful hospitality. The event is also blessed during the return cruise back to the Marina with layovers at Mission Bay, Oceanside, Dana Point and the Isthmus at Catalina.

Saturday, April 2nd, found the SMWYC hosting a “Cuban Dinner” as a fundraiser for the race.

Pusser’s Rum is sponsor of both trophies and is very generous in providing both advertising and raffle items.

This year, two of the three items for raffle were provided by the sponsor.

Race invitations will go in the mail in mid-May, information about the race will be available shortly and questions can be directed to