Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski and her Venice field deputy Sandy Kievman are joining efforts to plan for next summer’s observance of the 100th anniversary of Venice.

“Some things never change,” Miscikowski admitted.

“Because Venice has always been very politically active, I knew my work in the 11th Council District would bear out my previous experience while working with Councilman Marvin Braude in the ’70s,” the councilwoman said.

Miscikowski told civic leaders in Venice that if they had any problems to contact her council office.

It did not take long for Venice residents to take up the councilwoman on her offer.

“And that’s how the 2005 Venice Centennial celebration was born,” said Gwendolyn Howard, event spokesperson.

Major events planned for the Venice Centennial will include a Venice Art Fair, a Centennial Carnevale, a Founder’s Day breakfast, a parade, opening ceremonies and two film festivals, Howard said.

One of the film festivals will be called “The Other Venice Film Festival” and event planners have not yet named the second planned film festival.

Howard said the anniversary will also include a chautququa, focus on Venice architecture — past, present and future — a Muscle Beach Centennial Fitness and Figure competition, a Centennial Showcase Venice, the Story of Venice in photographs and input from Venice artists.

A Venice Centennial Guide is planned to be distributed during the observance, Howard said.