The Ballona Institute is one of 15 recipients of a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
The public utility awarded $765,000 in grants to 17 local nonprofit organizations to promote energy efficiency and water conservation.
Organizations in all 15 City Council districts were given $45,000 and the Playa del Rey-based Ballona Institute was chosen for Council District 11, represented by Councilman Bill Rosendahl.
“We at Ballona Institute are so grateful for being selected to receive this grant, and we look forward to providing information through this program that will help 11th District residents save money, save water and save energy,” said co-director Marcia Hansom.
The selected grant recipients will target a broad cross-section of residential and commercial customers, encouraging them to reduce their energy and water use to benefit the environment and help lower their utility bills, said a DWP spokesman.
“LADWP has long needed to do a better job reaching non-English speaking and underserved communities and last year, with federal funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we began to do just that,” said DWP General Manager Ronald Nichols.
“We were very encouraged by the results, and this year we’ve extended the program with department funds to build on our success and spur more of our customers to conserve power and water.”
Hanscom said the grant arrives just in time for spring.
“This program will contribute to beautifying our communities as neighborhoods begin sprouting fragrant and colorful native plants,” she said.
Nichols said the grants are a component of a strategy for helping consumers become more efficient in their consumption of energy.
“The conservation partnership grants are one part of a comprehensive package of energy efficiency and water conservation programs offered by LADWP and will help meet the department’s goal of reducing energy consumption among customers by at least 10 percent by 2020 and further increase water conservation by customers,” the general manager said. “This year, LADWP has more than doubled its budget for energy efficiency to help more customers save power.”
This year, the program is expected to achieve similar results and will track and quantify energy and water savings achieved through the outreach, according to DWP.
The projects will be completed within one year.