An uptick in the number of LAX-bound flights passing directly over their homes has Playa del Rey residents — usually out of the airport’s flightpath — and L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin crying foul.

LAX received 34 noise complaints about overhead planes in July and August from Playa del Rey or Westchester homeowners — up from just 17 the first half of the year, according to LAX Environmental Manager Scott Tatro.

Tatro said upgrades to LAX’s northernmost runway are causing increased ground traffic and forcing some approaching planes to double back and fly over Playa del Rey until it’s safe to land.

“When an aircraft on arrival has to abort the arrival for any of a number of reasons, including a previous aircraft that may not yet have cleared the runway, the pilot will perform a missed approach or a go-around,” Tatro said. “Occasionally when they perform these go-around operations, pilots are directed by FAA [air traffic controllers] to fly over the communities north of the airport. They only do this when there is something in the airspace in front of them and they are forced to turn.”

LAX recorded 35 go-arounds related to the north runway in June, but only a few went directly over Playa del Rey. There were 27 more in July.

The good news for residents is the increase in flyovers should end soon, as northern runway work is expected to wrap up Oct. 19, Tatro said.

In the meantime, Bonin has launched a petition urging the FAA and LAX to mitigate the problem.

“The noise is annoying, frightening, and I share in your frustration. It needs to stop,” the petition reads.

— Gary Walker