A planned project to improve a coastal roadway in Playa del Rey is finally moving forward, Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl has announced.
Work is soon scheduled to begin to repair a bulkhead along scenic Vista del Mar in Playa del Rey after the California Coastal Commission approved a coastal development permit with conditions at its Nov. 15 meeting.
According to Rosendahl’s office, weather conditions and erosion have made scenic Vista del Mar increasingly dangerous to drive. Engineers say sections of the four-lane roadway, which sits on a bluff, have collapsed, and the street has been deemed structurally unsound as well as a threat to public safety.
“I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the Bureau of Engineering,” said Rosendahl. “The department took much of this work on themselves and absorbed the costs for the initial design and application. My constituents will have a safer ride along Vista del Mar thanks to these efforts by city staff.”
A deputy city engineer says the work is critical because of the nature of the project.
“We’re really glad we are able to get these projects started before it rained heavily,” said Vince Jones of the Bureau of Engineering. “We needed to fix the Vista del Mar roadway before it got any worse.”
The city plans to construct five bulkheads to reinforce portions of existing roadway that have collapsed or are in danger of collapsing, due to soil erosion. The project will also include precast concrete lagging panels, pavement repairs, and pedestrian and vehicular guardrails.
As part of the project, the area will be landscaped with native and non-invasive vegetation, bulkheads will be colored and textured to match the surrounding sandy bluffs and the roadway will be repaired to its original condition.
There are three construction sections of the project. The first is already under construction and the next two projects will start before the end of the year, according to Rosendahl’s office.
The $770,064 project is being funded by the Capital Improvement Expenditure Program.