A man and a woman in their 50s from Playa del Rey were hospitalized with head injuries after a masked suspect broke into their home on Falmouth Avenue, assaulted them with a gun and stole jewelry valued at approximately $400,000 Sunday, April 22nd, police alleged.

The incident occurred in the 8600 block of Falmouth Avenue, south of Manchester Avenue in Playa del Rey, at about 7:15 p.m., when the suspect — described as a black man approximately five-feet-nine, 190 pounds, wearing a ski mask, dark clothing and armed with a handgun — rang the doorbell at the residence, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) spokesman Kevin Maiberger said.

After the woman answered the door and saw the masked gunman, she tried to slam the door and the man in the home tried to help her close the door but was unsuccessful, Maiberger said.

The suspect allegedly forced his way into the home and struck the woman several times in the face and head, Maiberger said.

The male resident struggled with the suspect but was also struck several times in the head by the suspectís gun, he said.

“The suspect was able to gain entry into the location, confronted both victims and pistol-whipped them,” alleged Detective Steven Katz of the LAPD Pacific division.

The woman reportedly operates a small jewelry business out of the home, police said.

After assaulting both victims with a gun, the suspect allegedly took a cart containing about $400,000 worth of jewelry that was near the door and fled from the home, police alleged.

The man and woman were taken to the UCLA Medical Center where they were treated for “substantial” head injuries, Katz said.

Another local residential robbery occurred several hours later, at about 2:30 a.m. Monday, April 23rd, in the 11300 block of Youngworth Street, east of the San Diego Freeway and west of Sawtelle Boulevard, in Mar Vista, but it appears to be unrelated to the first robbery, police said.

In the second robbery, three armed suspects, described as Hispanic men wearing ski masks, dark clothing, leather gloves and leather jackets, forced their way into the residence, took four female residents to a back room and tied them up, Maiberger alleged.

The suspects also allegedly confronted the man who is reportedly the owner of the residence and assaulted him with a gun, Maiberger said.

They then made him open up a safe containing approximately $10,000 in cash and a firearm, took the items and fled the residence, Maiberger alleged.

The women who were tied up were reportedly not injured. The man received minor cuts to his face and head but did not seek medical treatment, police said.