In a continued effort to enhance public safety on the Westside, Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has secured funding for personnel and equipment at the new fire station in Playa Vista.

The budget for the next fiscal year earmarks approximately $1.7 million to the City of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) for staffing, firefighting equipment, and a fire engine at Fire Station #67, which is expected to open in October.

The new Playa Vista Fire Station, which is on Playa Vista Drive, one block north of Jefferson Boulevard, will come on line shortly after the LAFD opens new Fire Station #62 on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista, which will replace an older facility on Centinela Avenue. It is expected to open in the next few weeks.

Rosendahl said that the funding would enhance public safety for Playa Vista, Del Rey, Playa del Rey, and Westchester constituents.

“Public safety and protecting our neighborhoods comes first,” Rosendahl said. “This budget allocation will allow our communities to be better protected in the event of an emergency.

“I want this fire station to be up and running for the comfort and safety of my Playa Vista constituents. I’m thrilled that I had the cooperation of my colleagues to get these very important appropriations.”

The fire station, which will have 12 staff members, will operate 24 hours a day with a fire engine captain, an engineer, and two firefighters, one of whom will be a paramedic, on each shift.

Construction of the new station, which was funded entirely by Playa Capital, Inc., began in December 2004 and is nearly 80 percent complete.

“This is great news for the residents who live in Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista,” said Playa Vista president Steve Soboroff. “This fire station was built at no cost to the general public and is set to be completed and operational later this year.

“I appreciate Councilmember Rosendahl’s efforts to ensure adequate funding for staffing and equipment for Los Angeles’s newest fire station in the heart of the Playa Vista community. This funding is absolutely crucial.”

In 1995, the Los Angeles Fire Department met with the developer to review development plans and discuss life safety and fire safety considerations for the proposed project. After reviewing project plans, the LAFD determined that the complexity, scope, and magnitude of the project would require a new fire station to be built in the area, since existing Westside fire stations were inadequate and too far away to meet the needs of the future Playa Vista community and minimum response time goals.

In the following months, Rosendahl said he would continue to push for additional funding for the station so that it could also have a paramedic ambulance.

“I want to be sure this facility has the best and most complete range of services available to protect the public,” he said.