Poet/lyricist/secular-punk-rock-preacher-man Jack Brewer will join guitarist Joe Baiza, fellow founding member of the seminal art punk band Saccharine Trust, for a night of musical and poetic experimentation.

The improv outfit, titled Jack Brewer, Joe Baiza and the Lofty Canaanites, is scheduled to perform at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, November 21st, as part of the “Beyond Music” series of special events at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice. Admission is $7 for general admission or $5 for students.

Brewer is known for writing thought-provoking Beatnik-flavored lyrical poetry complete with obscure biblical references and cries of desperation set to music that is sometimes odd and forlorn, even creepy, while at other times upbeat and jazzy.

Brewer became heavily inter-ested in biblical references and into an outlandish and bizarre televangelist named Gene Scott, who would smoke cigars, proselytize using vulgarities and have vivid fits in the name of Jesus.

“It wasn’t that Jack [Brewer] was actually a follower of Gene Scott. He just was fascinated by that sort of thing,” says Baiza.

That fascination translates in to the trance-like intensity Brewer sometimes falls into during his performance, the perfect ritual dance to his sermon-like vocals.

On stage, Brewer sometimes gets so into his lyrics, he appears to lose control of his undulating body, gripped by a higher power.

Brewer handles the microphone like he’s handling a poisonous snake and testifies as if Beatnik verse is being beamed in from God.

Saccharine Trust lyrics and new poetry will also be on the plate for listeners at the show. Brewer and Baiza will be joined by xylophonist Richie Hass and musicians hand-picked from the Los Angeles avant-garde underground.

The following is an excerpt of Brewer’s verse from the song “Take Us Now”:

And as time pushes on

the band will play your song.

I’ll show you the sights that


bloat the eyes of a suffering


and all the evils that ever


hearts of good men

who dared to search the reaches

/of the imagination.

If you’d humble yourself to


you will never return.

So we danced with the brothers

/of the fallen creed

’til our feet were singed

and weighed to their afflictions

and we cried, “There is no

/synchronization here —

take us now.”

You can hear the tales

of the ones that failed

if you back our trails

to the nearest watering holes

where they sit with their sons

and talk of what they could

/have done,

what they would have known

and how we must and will push


Take us now.

Also on the program are legendary punk/alternative producer Geza X and musical group The Sixth Chamber with rock tragedies.

Information, (310) 822-3006.