Los Angeles Airport Police officers arrested three robbery suspects Saturday, November 4th, as they allegedly prepared to commit a second robbery of a cashier’s booth in Economy Parking Lot B at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Airport Police said.

A cashier’s booth at Lot B at LAX had previously been robbed at gunpoint October 8th, by three suspects who fled in a maroon Cadillac, police said.

Acting on information obtained during roll call briefing, Airport Police officers Richard Sanchez and Glen Huggins arrested the suspected armed robbers November 4th, Airport Police spokeswoman Belinda Nettles said.

During the arrest, officers recovered a ski mask and two replica handguns — one in the waistband of one of the suspects and another hidden under the armrest in the back seat of the vehicle — believed to have been used in the original crime, Nettles alleged.

The arrest took place as all three suspects were allegedly poised to commit another robbery at the same location, she said.

Officers Sanchez and Huggins drove westbound on 111th Street adjacent to LAX, approaching the parking lot used by employees and as a long-term parking lot for travelers.

While driving, the officers saw a maroon Cadillac parked in the lot in a “tow-away, no parking at anytime” zone with three men sitting in the vehicle, Nettles said.

Police conducted a background check of the vehicle that showed its registration had expired in March, although the tabs displayed on the vehicle license showed March 2007, she said.

During the investigation, the driver told officers he was waiting for a friend who works for the parking lot concessionaire, Nettles said.

Airport police arrested the three men inside the vehicle on suspicion of armed robbery.

The suspects are identified as Dominic Joel Williams of Los Angeles, Nathan Dewight Richardson Elliott of Inglewood, and Kenneth Kennedy Tatum of Chula Vista, police said.

James T. Butts, Los Angeles World Airports deputy executive director of Law enforcement and Protection Services, said the officers worked together to accomplish the Airport Police’s primary mission of “proactively preventing and suppressing criminal activity.”

Airport Police is a division of Los Angeles World Airports, the city department that owns and operates four airports in Southern California, including LAX.