Santa Monica police officers served search warrants at several residences in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties Tuesday, October 31st, including the homes of two Animal Liberation Front press officers, police said.

Santa Monica Police Department Captain Alex Padilla said the warrants were served throughout the day and he would add only that the raid was part of an “ongoing investigation” related to alleged conspiracy and stalking cases involving the Animal Liberation Front.

“We’re diligently working on this case,” Padilla said. No arrests were made during the raid.

Animal Liberation Front representatives claimed that thousands of dollars worth of private items were taken from the homes that were searched with “no explanation” from authorities.

A similar raid occurred in 2004, when the home of Goldfinger lead guitarist John Feldman was raided in Bel-Air, but no arrests were made, Animal Liberation Front representatives said.

Feldman was awarded $75,000 by the City of Santa Monica last year as a result of the incident, the representatives said.

“Apparently the Santa Monica police are fond of rummaging through the belongings of innocent people who advocate for animals,” claimed Animal Liberation Front press officer Jerry Vlasak, whose home was raided October 31st. “We are, however, looking forward to our hefty sum from the department, just like John and Amy (Feldman) got last year. The animals can always use the money.”