Los Angeles County lifeguards, their friends and families, along with children and adults with disabilities took part in a large-scale public art initiative in Marina del Rey by painting art panels for the exteriors of the coastline’s lifeguard towers Saturday, February 20th.

Over 100 of the towers stretching across the county shore will be transformed this summer with the colorful art panels as part of a civic project conceived and developed by Portraits of Hope and supported by county lifeguards.

Portraits of Hope works to create motivational art projects that merge the production of dynamic public art works with creative therapy for hospitalized children and civic education for students of all ages.

“This is a unique and truly wonderful opportunity for hospitalized youngsters and others to discover, grow and show the world their creative abilities,” said Steve Powell of the county Lifeguard Association.

“What better way to show the world the amazing creative powers of our young people than to put their work on public display on Los Angeles County beaches visited by millions of Americans every summer.”

More than 5,000 youngsters and others from schools, hospitals and youth groups will ultimately be involved in the project, according to a county spokesperson.

The beach artwork will be featured on towers spanning over 30 miles of Los Angeles’ famous coastline, including in Playa del Rey, Marina del Rey and Venice.

Structures as far south as Hermosa Beach and as far north as Zuma Beach in Malibu are also included in the public art initiative.

Youngsters and adults are taking part in hand-painting designs on form-fitting art panels that will be installed on the four-sided towers and their roof tops, enveloping the towers.

The tower artwork will be created on temporary, soft material, and flex thin-board panels that will be applied onto the outer surface of the tower structure itself.

The five-month art exhibition will commence in May and will remain through October.