Fourteen powerboats attended a weekend full of predicted log racing evens as Del Rey Yacht Club sponsored three separate races hosted by The Southern California Cruiser Association over the course of Friday, April 28th, and Saturday, April 29th.

A fleet of powerboats raced up from the South Bay area and met the racers from the Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet for a weekend of navigational challenge, marking the first log races of the year in this area.

Predicted log racing, also known as cruiser navigation contests, is a national sport that revolves around a skipper’s ability to accurately predict the amount of time it takes to track a course made up of different points.

The skippers receive the course prior to the race and estimate how long it should take to reach each of the assigned destinations.

On race day they attempt to predict their time, factoring in all of the elements such as wind and waves.

They then travel the speed that they believe will most accurately satisfy their predictions with no aid from timepieces or electronic instruments.

“There is really no secret to it,” stated first place winner of Saturday’s Pritikin Race Tom Collins on his log racing Web site. “You don’t have to be a mathematical wizard or a genius.

“You don’t need 100,000 miles of experience in your boat and reams of figures.

“All you really need is some simple speed data you can easily obtain in a morning and a basic understanding of the procedure for calculating your log.”

Collins won first place in the Pritikin Race, Mike Schachter from Shoreline Yacht Club in Long Beach won the Del Rey Pace that originated in the Long Beach area and former ASMBYC (Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs) Sportsman of the Year recipient Herb Dover won first in the Barzilay Race.