A “Preferred Concept Plan” for the expansion of Burton Chace Park was presented at a third public workshop by RRM Design, and principal, T. Keith Gurnee said the results of the second workshop in June showed that 44 percent of the attendees voted for the Minimalist Alternative, 38 percent for the Expanded Activities and Events Alternative and only 14 percent for the Transformative Alternative.

“While more people supported the Minimalist Alternative than any other alternative, nearly 60 percent wanted to see something different,” said Gurnee.

The workshop was held as part of a night meeting of the Marina del Rey Design Control Board meeting at Burton Chace Park in the Marina Thursday, August 30th.

A previous public workshop held on June 13th focused on three concepts for park expansion — Minimalist, Expanded Activities and Events and Transformative Alternatives — for the public to provide input.

Gurnee briefly enumerated the highlights of these three alternatives:

ñ Minimalist Option: would develop a plan of improvements that would retain most of the existing relationships in the park while adding uses including an aquatic center, picnic areas and turf areas.

ñ Expanded Activities Option: would provide a plan that would create many “rooms” in the park for various activities under a design concept reminiscent of Golden Gate and Central Parks.

ñ Transformative Option: would provide a “destination” park that would celebrate its waterfront location by providing users with commanding views of the Marina while providing for performance, a yacht club and aquatic center uses.

Gurnee tabulated the likes/dislikes of each alternative based on public input from previous meetings:

ï Minimalist Alternative likes:

ñ lower cost;

ñ parking near Santa Monica Windjammer’s

Yacht Club;

ñ retains much of existing park;

ñ concert location;

ñ least disruption of boating; and

ñ creates a destination.

ï Minimalist Alternative dislikes:

ñ promenade too wide;

ñ replacement of area lost in yacht club building;

ñ locked transient boat slips.

ï Expanded Activities and Events Alternative likes:

ñ pools;

ñ more activities;

ñ larger open areas;

ñ aquatic center;

ñ most user-friendly; and

ñ emulates Golden Gate Park.

ï Expanded Activities and Events Alternative dis-


ñ pools;

ñ reduction in parking; and

ñ need for charter slips.

ï Transformative Alternative ñ likes:

ñ elevated view platform;

ñ most open space;

ñ location of concert space; and

ñ water features.

ï Transformative Alternative ñ dislikes:

ñ combines aquatic/community center;

ñ amphitheater;

ñ too much park; and

ñ tree removal.

Incorporating public input from previous workshops, Gurnee outlined several features, as RRM Design works toward a Preferred Concept Plan that would be to celebrate the relationship between the water, land and boating in the Marina, to provide different use areas that appeal to a diversity of activities within a beautiful landscape, and provide a recreational boating center to serve the greater Los Angeles region.

PREFERRED CONCEPT PLAN — Gurnee presented a breakdown of the components that would be included in this plan — entry area, community center, recreational boating center, the yacht club, a “wave” walk, playground, Burton Chace Green, meadow and performance pavilion, and a belvedere (a roofed structure, especially a small pavilion or tower on top of a building, situated to command a wide view).

The entry area would consist of a drop-off court, bus and car parking, 135-plus parking spaces, a parking structure and an elevated walkway.

The community center is proposed to be a two-story building of 15,000 square feet, 60 feet by 125 feet, and include a cafÈ and patio.

The recreational boating center is proposed to be a two-story building of 24,000 square feet, 75 feet by 165 feet, with 18-foot ceiling heights on the first floor, a ground-floor boat storage, nearby boat launch platform, and the Helmsman statue in an adjacent courtyard.

The “wave” walk would consist of rolling wave landscape forms, a view corridor to the main channel, an adjacent playground and Burton Chace Green, all connecting visitors to the movement of water, said Gurnee.

The playground is proposed to be located adjacent to the Pardee Boat House and offer public restrooms, an interactive water feature, an integration with the bioswale (a landscape element designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water), sculptural play elements and a small boat pond.

Burton Chace Green is proposed to be next to the wave walk, with tree-shaded picnic areas and barbecues, offer public restrooms and an integration with the bioswale.

The meadow and performance pavilion, framed by hills, is proposed to be next to the fishing pier and the belvedere, a view to the main channel and a temporary tent structure, The structure’s frame is separate pieces, each curved like an arch, with the tent looking like a protective ceiling above the ground, designed with a curved, wavy appearance.

The belvedere is proposed to have a view of the main channel, a water feature, transient boat slips, a WaterBus stop and quiet wind sculptures.

Gurnee said that the next steps are to obtain and gather the public feedback from this meeting, and then get direction from the Design Control Board for refinements to this plan.

Once that has been completed, RRM Design will develop more detailed concept designs for architectural, urban design, and landscape architectural features.

Cost estimates and value engineering will be conducted to prepare the phasing and implementation plan, followed by another meeting with the Design Control Board to gain conceptual approval.

Gurnee said that once conceptual approval has been obtained, a final master plan and master plan report will be completed in order to proceed through the review process with the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission.