The Del Rey Neighborhood

Council held its first election Saturday, October 16th. Preliminary voting results, provided by Michael Stafford, Neighborhood interim communications officer, are:

President: Stephen Knight, 128;

Vice President: Mark P. Redick, 123;

Second Vice President: Diana Camacho, 87; Jack Cumming, 51;

Treasurer: Jerianne Neumann, 122;

Secretary: Gavin Stokes, 122;

Parliamentarian: Armando Clemente, 136;

Communications Officer: Michael H. Stafford, 126;

Area A Director: Jonathon Neumann, 7;

Area B Director: Frank Underwood, 6; Karla Dawn Bell, 5;

Area C Director: Ken Weiner, 5;

Area D Director: Ellen “Jane” Bright, 6;

Mark-Antonio Grant, withdrew;

Area E Director: Luica Diaz, 48; William D. Hinton, 7;

Area F Director: Katia D’Amico, 33; Sydni Bender, write-in 9; Joyce Hirota, 2;

Area G Director: Maria Guerrero 3; and

Area H Director: Lillian Jenkins, 12.

Stafford said that 169 ballots were cast.

The League of Women Voters is expected to announce the final results of the election within one to two weeks.

Once the election is official, the Neighborhood Council will be eligible to receive up to $50,000 from the City of Los Angeles to fund the council’s annual budget.

“I want to remind the unsuccessful candidates that there is plenty of opportunity to serve on our various committees,” said Stafford.

“These committees are the real strength of this council.”

Elected directors are expected to be installed at the next council board of directors meeting Tuesday, November 9th, at the Marina del Rey Middle School Library, 12500 Braddock Drive. Information, (310) 822-7202 or