The 5,500-square-foot space was designed by award-winning environmental architect David Hertz, and includes three private flotation suites and Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs. Photo credit: Wonho Frank Lee

State-of-the-art healing studio IntoMeSea opens in Santa Monica

By Michele Robinson

The newly opened IntoMeSea in Santa Monica offers unique wellness services such as the healing powers of flotation meditation, light and salt therapy, and high-energy soaking, among others. What sets IntoMeSea apart from other places are not only the services they provide, but the story behind them.

IntoMeSea founder Jennifer Williams was exhausted from working as a licensed massage therapist. In 2014, after listening to a podcast she learned about flotation and set out to experience it herself. After her initial encounter, she was hooked and instantly knew that she wanted to open up her own place.

“I discovered the wonders of a regular flotation meditation practice where I felt sustained relief,” Williams said.

That’s when the idea for IntoMeSea was born.

“IntoMeSea was created to incorporate healthier ways to achieve wellness,” Williams said. “I have dedicated space to the highest technology available and paired it with some of the oldest spiritually honored practices to create a new type of center that has never existed before, to share with my community.”

Set into motion in 2017, Williams hired Venice native and environmental architect, David Hertz, to design the 5,500-square-foot studio in Santa Monica. Hertz has decades of experience as a leading architect in designing green buildings. Some of the sustainable features in the building include using rooftop solar panels for energy and collecting 300 gallons of water each day through extracting moisture from the air.

“The biggest challenge in starting IntoMeSea, hands down, was the construction,” Williams said. “It took 16 months just to get the plans approved by the City of Santa Monica, and then construction lasted for three years. There were many unforeseen trials and tribulations. It was a very steep learning curve.”

As for the name, IntoMeSea is a play on words.

“The name IntoMeSea comes from a play on the word ‘intimacy,’” Williams said. “When the word is broken down, it becomes ‘Into Me See,’ or it can also be interpreted as ‘Into Me I See.’ Intimacy does not just have a physical or sexual meaning. It also means looking into oneself with vulnerability and authenticity.”

IntoMeSea’s wellness therapies are centered on the following pillars: Float, Soak, Light, Energy, Salt, Sweat, and Flow. Some of the special services that can be found on the menu are true salt therapy and Lucia No 3, which according to Williams is a “magical experience.”

What used to be known as a sensory deprivation tank, IntoMeSea has coined flotation meditation. They have three private suites that have tanks filled with Epsom salt water, which contain more salt than the Dead Sea.
“Float suites are calibrated to ensure that internal and external sensory signals are minimized and the floater can realize a deep state of tranquility, relaxation, happiness and peace,” Williams said.

IntoMeSea also offers clients an exclusive soaking experience. The Galactic Crystal Intention Tubs were commissioned by a master craftsman from Brazil to hand carve two white quartz crystal soaking tubs for intention setting and energetic healing.

Local residents are lucky to be able to experience these services right in their backyard, many of which are hard to find elsewhere.

“Our white quartz crystal galactic tubs are the only two available on the West Coast and we have two of the few Lucia N°03 Hypnogogic Lights on the West Coast,” Williams said.

Williams’ love and fascination of the sea and its inhabitants motivates her to help the environment. Besides the building being eco-friendly, she is involved in many organizations and supports nonprofits including Life Rolls On, A Walk on Water, Fins Attached, Beneath the Waves, and Shark Allies.

Williams also lives by the motto: “Through sea-king our own healing, we are able to heal each other and the planet. Sea-k your authenticity.”

1812 Lincoln Boulevard,
Santa Monica