German premium cutlery and kitchenware brand Zwilling recently opened a neighborhood store at Santa Monica Place.

German cutlery and kitchenware brand Zwilling opens store in Santa Monica

By Haley Beyer

Zwilling recently opened its first neighborhood store at Santa Monica Place, which marks the brand’s first and only Neighborhood Shop in the U.S.
The premium cutlery and kitchenware brand dates back to 1731 when it was founded by German knifemaker Peter Henckels. The word “zwilling” is German for “twin” and was chosen because Zwilling was founded during the zodiac phase of the Gemini.

In June, the brand will celebrate its 290-year anniversary. Zwilling began with cutlery and has since expanded into cookware, flatware, glassware, kitchen gadgets, and even personal care items such as manicure kits.

“We have everything anybody could ever need,” said Brian McKnight, retail California Area manager. “We can outfit anyone’s perfect kitchen.”
With products from all over the world including Staub, Demeyere, Ballarini and Miyabi, there are endless options to choose from. Zwilling prides itself on offering products with exceptional quality, innovation, functionality and design.

Zwilling stores were reintroduced to the public in 2012 in New Hampshire. Now there are 11 stores, including the shop at the brand’s headquarters. There are two new retail shops (including the Santa Monica location), three new outlets opening, and plans for more in the future.

The Enfinigy electric line came out in early 2020 and was a huge hit. One of the newest items is a vacuum sealer from the Fresh and Save line. It seals food so that it lasts five times as long and reduces food waste. All of the knives sold at Zwilling work differently and have different purposes.

“There are a few items from the store that I decided I needed in my own kitchen at home,” McKnight said. “The cutlery from the Pro Line of Knives, the cast iron from Staub (Paris 2008), and all of my stainless-steel cookware from Demeyere (Belgium 1920) are my favorite.”

Though the products may with a higher price tag, no other kitchenware enhances the lives of professional and home chefs worldwide.

“Customers have shown concern about the price of a product, but everything is premium, and in the end they realize they’re saving money because it will last a lifetime,” McKnight shared.

“The oldest piece of cutlery I’ve had come through my store was a knife from the World’s Fair in Paris from 1851. It was brought in to be sharpened and was in perfect condition.”

When visiting Zwilling’s stores, customers are offered demonstrations of how to use products and they are allowed to test them out. Prior to the pandemic, fresh veggies were available so that customers could try out the knives to see which ones were best for them. Cooking demonstrations were also provided so that they could see the products in action.
McKnight’s favorite part about managing the store is interacting with the customers that come in.

“They come in and they don’t know much or anything at all, and I get to educate them on the best products for their individual kitchen and teach them how to use them safely,” McKnight said.

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