The Green Committee of the Mar Vista Farmers Market welcomed children from the New School-West at their booth for a day of sustainable craft making Sunday, June 6th.

Signs designed by the children from the preschool on the importance of recycling, preventing refuse from entering the watershed via stormdrains and other sustainable concepts were hung in the booth, which is located next to the Mar Vista Community Council booth.

Assisted by New School-West teachers, youngsters were invited to make crafts from recycled paper.

The preschoolers appeared to be very savvy about the need to keep their neighborhoods clean and the oceans free from pollution. On the way to the farmers market, many of them stopped to pick up trash they found on the ground, said one of their teachers, Paola Cervantes.

“It helps to save our planet,” answered Rose Lebow, 6, when asked why it was important to have a clean environment.

Jobim Scott, 5, is well-versed on how keeping stormdrains and watersheds free of plastic can contribute to healthier oceans and the marine life that inhabit them.

“The sea turtles can get sick if they eat it,” he replied to his question.

New School-West Co-Director Kristen Hansen-Sherman is amazed at the children’s knowledge and understanding of conservation and recycling.

“It really has become a normal part of their lives,” she said.

According to Hansen-Sherman, a group of preschoolers initiated their own recycling campaign after an experience while walking through a neighborhood. They noticed city employees working on a broken water main and investigated the reasons it ruptured.

“As they were looking into the storm drain, they saw trash going into it,” she recalled. “Once they got back to school, they decided to contact their friends to tell them not to litter.”

They also wanted to make posters and disseminate them on the Westside. One sign that hung in the Green Committee’s booth contained a very simple yet persuasive message:

“The environment is the future. If you hurt the environment, the whole world will die.”