The Primary Colors Art Exhibition featuring five Southern California urban artists displaying their latest works in various media, will be held in Westchester Friday and Saturday, February 5th and 6th.

Works on display will include paintings, photography, assemblage, sculpture and digital poetry. An opening reception scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. February 5th will include refreshments, live music, spoken word and vocal performances.

The exhibit will be held at 8910 Sepulveda Eastway #22, in Westchester.

“The purpose of the Primary Colors Art Exhibition is to introduce the community to lovingly crafted original art at affordable prices,” said show coordinator Tom Nation.

“Often the healing, inspiring benefits of creative arts is not made available to everyday folk, or the prices falls outside the average person’s reach.”

This art show presents distinctly different work in various forms of art, he notes. Visitors will be able to learn about the participating artists’ multi-faceted backgrounds, and the stories behind their unique creations, he said. Exhibit visitors may also commission custom works in specific media if desired.

The artists featured are

T.O. Nation, painter, photographer and drummer; Phyllis Miller, painter; Charlotte Sista C Ferrell, poet and digital artist; Michael Davis, poet; Rodney Collins, sculptor; Adrienne Wade, painter;

Barbara Collins, vocalist; and Brittany Nation, youth poet.

Information and to RSVP, (323) 810-9743.