A program to relocate vacant homes and apartment buildings from the Manchester Square and Airport-Belford areas near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is moving ahead through the Los Angeles World Airports Move-On Housing Program.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is the City of Los Angeles agency that operates the city’s four airports.

“The demand for housing in Los Angeles continues to be greater than the available housing stock. We believe it is very important to preserve housing in Los Angeles,” said Lourdes Romero, director of the LAWA Voluntary Residential Acquisition and Relocation Program.

“It is our goal to move as many buildings as possible to new locations, although a few may not be suitable for relocation and will need to be torn down,” Romero said.

Recently, the Move-On Housing team sponsored a tour of houses and apartment buildings approved for sale to qualified nonprofit organizations.

Dozens of nonprofit groups are participating in order to enhance the services they provide to local communities throughout Los Angeles.

Access Community Housing was one of the first nonprofit organizations to move a house from the program area, LAWA officials said.

Access — which develops housing for police, teachers, and nurses — has moved seven homes so far.

“We are very positive about the program and delighted to be involved and working with Los Angeles World Airports,” said Herb Child, Access executive director.

Manchester Square and Airport-Belford area tenants are given first priority in buying the homes before they are sold on the open market by the nonprofit organizations.

Since its inception in 2002, the Move-On Housing Program has relocated 32 properties comprised of 25 single-family homes, six duplexes, and one six-unit apartment building.

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